They say the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’. We believe a kitchen not only needs to be functional, but light, comfortable, warm and inviting.

We install kitchens of the highest quality and provide exceptional workmanship and finish. When it comes to kitchen renovations and extensions, we pride ourselves on meeting our clients expectations and hopefully exceeding them.

Kitchen installation is a building project we can take from concept to reality.  Whether you already have a kitchen picked out for installation or would like advice on a bespoke build, please give us a call for a competitive local quote.

Our service is all-inclusive – we design, build, fit, and provide maintenance works that have been previously accepted by the Client. Our experts take care of all the aspects of the kitchen installation project so that everything is carried on as planned and in a hassle-free way. Construction & engineering Art Group always ensure that our Clients are fully-satisfied and that our works are characterised by the unmatched durability.

Thanks to our devotion to details and top quality service you are always sure that every kitchen fitting service which we perform is kept within the budget level already specified during our visit at your place. Our team of experts take up fully bespoke range of building services for flats, detached houses, semi-detached houses, mansions and other building types.

We have already accomplished a lot of simple and complex kitchen installation projects and we fully understand how important it is for you to hire a team of professional and experienced buiding contractors whom you will then easily and wholeheartedly recommend to your friends. Our team meets these demands in each aspect and we will be happy to provide our services to you.