Consolidation of goods in China

If you want to minimize your costs when delivering small stores from Europe or China – let ArtGroup do it! Seizing the opportunity of cargo consolidation, we will significantly reduce the cost of delivery and simplify the process of international transportation. All you need is to provide us with information about cargo location, place of destination and desired terms of delivery – all the rest our manager will take care about.

The process of consolidation and its components

Consolidation of goods involves the collection, storage, and subsequent transportation of small consignments by the same route to different freighters.

The cargo is delivered to specialized consolidated warehouse, where it is processed and then stored until its unitization with the other cargo of the same route. Usually consolidation is used for the transportation of modular cargoes with a single transport documentation.

When combining different cargo several mistakes may appear, but you can protect yourself from them, if cooperating with ArtGroup. Established work scheme and continuous control over the process of transportation allow us to guarantee the integrity and security of our clients’ cargo.

We provide a full range of modular cargo consolidation, including:

  • Packaging of the goods in accordance with different countries export conditions.
  • Marking of freights in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the European countries and China.
  • Sorting of cargoes.
  • Palletizing.
  • Implementation of loading-unloading operations using special machinery.
  • Inventory accounting.
  • Documentary support, customs clearance, execution of export declarations and their guaranteed closure.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Door-to-door delivery.
  • Safekeeping of goods.

The advantages of cargo consolidation

Cargo consolidation services provided by ArtGroup will give you a number of advantages, including:

  • Small cargo transportation costs reducing (payment is made only for a place in the carrying compartment of the vehicle, and not for the rental of the vehicle).
  • Simplified registration of forwarding documents that will help to save time and money.
    Security. Modern, equipped with specialized current technology warehouses can provide appropriate conditions for cargo storage for a long time.
  • Efficiency. Transportation is carried out by means of combinations of air, sea, rail and road transport, which significantly increases the speed of delivery.

With ArtGroup you can transport your cargo as quickly as possible, optimizing your expenses and significantly save time.