Complete Residential & Commercial Renovation Services

Been considering residential or commercial renovations lately but not sure you are up to the challenge?  Renovating your house sounds tempting and exciting but also daunting and tiresome?

We at Construction & engineering Art Group got it all covered. You outline the ideas for the space of your dream – then our fitters, engineers, building contractors, and designers step in.

It does not matter if you want to liven up an individual room or renovate the whole house – we’ll come up with all-inclusive service designing the project, carrying out the renovations and providing maintenance, all without hustle and bustle and within the approved budget.

What do you need – remodeling or renovating? How much does it cost to change the plumbing system?

Our team will discuss with you all the possible improvements to the space which does not meet the modern expectations any longer and develop the project for renovating it in the best possible way fitting all of your requests. You set your wish list – we present the scope of work.

Each and every project is developed individually including choosing renovation materials, fittings and finishes.

Bathroom Renovations

Despite the fact that history of bathrooms go way back to the times of ancient Greeks, the comfort of this space became a priority not that long ago. Research claims than over 70 percent of consumers have a greater desire to be home after a bathroom renovation. Having your bathroom renovated might be considered a vital priority as 15 minutes spent in a luxurious and comfortable bathroom in the morning may set the right mood for the whole day/ Bathroom is also the space here we relax before bedtime, not to mention that remodeling and renovating a bathroom up to modern standards is an excellent investment in commercial or residential property.

So, your bathroom is due to renovating? Is this your first time going through a home renovation and you do not know where to start? Or perhaps you have a developed concept of remodeling your bathroom and all you need is a team of expert bathroom installers, plumbers, tilers, painters, decorators and handymen to take up the project.

In any case contact us at Construction & engineering Art Group, we know everything and more about bathroom renovations.

Flooring, Carpentry and Custom Woodworking

Discover the beauty of your home with our customized flooring and carpentering solutions.

We are local construction company famous for its unique built-in cabinetry and fantastic flooring.

At Construction & engineering Art Group we pride ourselves in creating hardwood, tile or vinyl  floors that look amazing and last for years to come.

Custom woodworking, thought-out to the smallest details, coupled with a suitable flooring, will accentuate your home charm. You no longer have to look for the right piece of furniture to suit your home’s interior – we will design it mindful of the existing aesthetics of your house and it will fit just so.

Our experts combine the latest technology in woodworking with long-standing carpentry traditions. This is what makes our flooring and woodwork beautiful, solid and long-life. At Construction & engineering Art Group we are committed to quality in each and every aspect of home renovation – be it painting, flooring or woodwork. 

Contact our team to check what we can offer in terms of home renovation to enhance the layout of your living pace with solid woodwork and customized details.

Basements Renovation

So you’ve thought about doing an extension, but the land around your home isn’t big enough. Maybe the kids are growing up and want their own space, or maybe you frequently welcome your friends over. Whatever the reason, you now have the issue of creating an additional space. But, where?

If you have a basement, chances are you might not be using the space as efficiently as possible. Quite often, basements tend to become storage areas, limiting their potential uses. Have you ever thought about turning your basement into a spare room? Better still, a spare room with an ensuite? This might sound impossible as basements are often below the sewerage line, but there are a range of products that can make your basement ensuite possible.