All model projects from our website can be made exclusive. Our professional architect will “work his magic” on any chosen project and you will get your dream house design just a few days later.

Little has to be done to make a unique project. You can bring a drawing of your future house or make it freehand in our office. Then you and our architect will discuss your lot’s approximate parameters, the desired layout, the house’s architecture and the facade material’s form and color.

When our architect conceives the scope of work he has to do, we will estimate it and draw up a service agreement. Then our expert will make a sketch of your house in accordance with Finndomo construction rules and send it to your e-mail.

When you open the file, you will see:

  • the floor layouts with the outside house dimensions and room spaces;
  • the house facades;
  • the house section with the elevation indication;
  • the perspective views.

We will change any house project from our website to meet your demands. We can take the project you like and radically change it. While working on a model project, our architect can easily:

  • “mirror” it;
  • change the house layout;
  • change the sizes and the number of windows and doors;
  • expand or diminish the outside dimensions of the house.

As a result of his work, you will receive a sketch of your unique house.

After that, we would recommend you to start the construction of your new up-to-date accommodation wasting no time. For this, you will need to conclude an agreement on the house delivery from Finland. In three weeks, you will get your house architectural design with the detailed information. We are pleased to inform you that this one comes for free.

The architectural design includes:

  • the floor layouts;
  • the house architectural plans with the partition walls;
  • the house facades with the elevation indication;
  • the house sections with the elevation indication;
  • the roofing plan;
  • the specification of the basic building materials;
  • the outline drawing and the foundation sections.

You will get a house package with the necessary construction documentation: the design drawings and the sectional drawings of the house structures.

Our company devotes the greatest care to the comfort, coziness, harmony and style of your house.

Your Construction & engineering Art Group

For information concerning the price of our exclusive designing, contact our managers: +1 438 928 78 55.