Our houses conserve heat thanks to up-to-date energy efficient and ecofriendly materials in their structure, designed with patented Omatalo Oy technology.

Finndomo walls are manufactured on high-tech equipment and have improved thermal properties. Their thermal conductivity is 0.16 W/(m2*K). As a result, owners of our energy efficient, warm and ecofriendly houses reduce their heating expenses.

We put seamless thermal insulation (3) 250 mm thick all along every panel. The material is installed in the form of resilient pads on assembly lines on dry factory premises. These pads don’t shrink inside the walls even over decades.

The barrier structures of Finndomo walls are windproof wooden fiberboard (5) 12 mm thick and Gyproc heavy-duty drywall (1) 13 mm thick.

The framework is made of the high-quality C24 and C30 graded dry beam (4). It has special built-in wood-fiber “division”, which provides additional protection against cold.

The wall panel is covered with extruded film (2) between Gyproc drywall and Paroc thermal insulation. The film protects the wooden framework of the house from indoor heat impacts.

A specially designed ventilated housefront provides natural atmospheric circulation and precludes condensate formation on the wooden framework. As for the facade material, you can choose it yourself – for example, wooden battens (7), bricks, aquapanels or fiber-reinforced cement slabs.