Why Choose Finndomo?

 The Benefits:

  1. Energy efficient construction technology. You can reduce your heating expenses by up to 50%. As a result of lower maintenance expenses, you save money, which you can spend on any other needs. This is a huge advantage over other house owners, who don’t care about energy efficiency, choose energy demanding houses and heat the surrounding streets for years.
  2. Ecofriendly materials and significant savings in medication. It means you invest into a healthier lifestyle by living in a house of high-quality materials, You create more comfortable and friendly living conditions, protect your children from breathing in harmful substances (like phenols, formaldehydes etc.) inside the house.
  3. High prefabrication of low-energy Finndomo panels. We install Finnish wooden-aluminium windows and entrance doors in wall panels in-factory to create favorable conditions for quick and high-quality house construction. It means you surely won’t have holes and drafts in your house. There will be no drafts through junctions between panels and windows or entrance doors. Due to this, we also spend less time and money on house construction. As a result, we will construct your house (or assembled thermal envelope) in the shortest term – starting from 1 month (depending on the house size).
  4. 10-year factory warranty on load-bearing structures. You can enjoy safety and quality proof as far as the construction materials we use are certified.
  5. Up-to-date quality standards. All wooden elements we use in construction meet the EU directive on solidity, ecological compatibility, durability, energy efficiency while the manufacture process meets the ISO standards. We closely supervise the quality of Finndomo houses. As a result, you won’t purchase a faulty product and will minimize all possible risks. You will save time and money, protect yourself and your family from using environmentally unfriendly, fragile and untested materials, which don’t meet the construction regulations.
  6. Individual designing. Specially for you, our architect will design a house with a unique style and layout. Time and effort you will save you can devote to your family. Our Chief Architect will design a high-quality project with due attention to your preferences, lifestyle and Finndomo construction solutions.
  7. Finnish insulated foundation with underfloor heating. The foundation is the basic element of any house. Having been neglected during construction, it can then start to freeze and crack or become waterlogged, which causes geometry deformation of the foundation and the house itself. Such deformation takes its toll on exterior and interior finishes and poses a threat to you and your family.
  8. House construction by certified professionals. All our builders took a training course at Omatalo Oy Factory and were qualified as professional workers. So you can relax and go on vacation while professionals take care of your house construction. You won’t have to spend money on Building Control issues as far as our builders do their work in strict adherence to the construction regulations.
  9. Good temperature insulation and air tightness. Thermal insulation in Finndomo low-energy walls is 250 mm thick, while thermal insulation on roofs is up to 500 mm thick. Thanks to the insulation and air tightness system, our houses retain heat for a long time and, in case of an emergency power cut, the indoor temperature will decrease just by one degree a day.
  10. A wide choice of model projects. Our factory has produced houses for more than 75 years and has accumulated considerable experience in architectural and layout solutions. We have a huge database to choose from and, most likely, you will find your dream house there.
  11. Package options. You can choose either basic or advanced package for your house construction. The significant differences between the packages are listed on the house design page, where you can also find the layout, facades and perspective view of the house.
  12. Additional order options. In addition to your house package, we can deliver you Katepal Jazzy flexible roofing, impregnated terrace board and Ensto Enervent supply and exhaust ventilation unit from Finland.
  13. Computer-aided manufacturing of Finndomo low-energy panels. We use an automated line for low-energy panel production at our Omatalo Oy Factory for higher quality and lower human factor. Robots conduct all important operations.
  14. Fast and precise house assembling. You won’t have to wait long for your house completion. We assemble houses in days, not months (depending on the size).
  15. Huge built-up area (Russia, France, Spain, England, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Finland). We’ve built more than 30 000 Finndomo houses in 75 years.
  16. A wide choice of models and sizes of windows, entrance doors, terrace and balcony wooden fencing, window casing and decorative elements. Our Omatalo Oy Factory offers a great choice of windows, entrance doors, fencing, glazing and window casing. You will easily find appropriate models to complement the house of your dream.
  17. Only trusted suppliers of wood for Finndomo low-energy panels. Such well-known companies as Stora Ensto and UPM Kymmene supply Omatalo Oy Factory in Finland with lumber made of FSC certified material.
  18. Time efficient cooperation with Finndomo at all stages from design choosing to house completion (either “for standard developer’s finish” or “ready to move in”).
  19. Interest-free instalment plan and low payments. We will draw up a comfortable instalment plan for you, divide the total sum into a few parts and prolong the payment terms. We can place an order for your house this year and deliver it next year in the spring. You should make the last payment two weeks before the package comes out of the factory.
  20. Finnish quality at reasonable price. We are Omatalo Oy subsidiary company in Canada, Montreal. As far as we are not mediators, the house price is increased by delivery and custom processing only.
  21. We don’t use illegal or quasi-legal payment schemes. Finndomo makes open accounting reports. You will receive official documentation for all your payments.
  22. More than 75 years of manufacturing. Our factory produced its first house package in 1939. It has worked continually since them.
  23. 30 days to check the delivered set. When we deliver the house to your lot, you will have one month to check the list of the delivered materials.
  24. We stay in touch with our customers, who entrusted their house construction to us. Their reviews are posted on our website. You will be able to seek advice in our office anytime.
  25. Fresh air, proper temperature and humidity in your house. We recommend to install supply and exhaust ventilation units with recuperators in our air-proof and energy efficient houses. They can refresh air in all the rooms and remove the waste air out of the house with minimal heat losses.