Construction & engineering Art Group is one of the leading international logistics, freight forwarding services providers offering international freight forwarding services at very affordable rates.

We can customise our systems to every clients, individuals and to their specific needs, giving each one a personalised services, Having trained professionals with over 10 years of experience of the industry work have access to have very competitive rates can offer flexibility of services that our larger competitors can not provide.

ArtGroup is globally known in providing professional level domestic and international freight forwarder and Logistics services in Canada, in Europe, in Russia and Ukraine. The main office of our company is in Montreal, Canada.

Besides of logistics services we also offer customs declaration and customs clearance services on the border railway stations or/and at the places of destination.

Do You Have Two Or More Overseas Suppliers? Consolidated Shipments Can Save You Money

If you import goods from two or more suppliers, you can save money by having your goods consolidated into one container and imported to Canada as a single shipment.

What is a Buyer’s Consolidation?

A buyer’s consolidation is a way of cutting costs if you’re an importer with two or more suppliers that are relatively close together. (We include this nod to geography as a lot of people request consolidation from China, forgetting that the land mass of China is only a little less than that of Europe and getting goods from a factory at one end to another is just not going to save anyone money.) It allows you to group your multiple shipments together and import them as one instead of having to ship them all separately.

As an importer, there are many reasons that you may want to do this. If you’re buying stock and different suppliers offer competitive rates on different products, you may shop in different places to get the lowest deal. If you’re importing parts of a product as opposed to entire products, certain suppliers may specialise in different products and you’ll need to use more than one. (An example of this being instead of importing handbags you may import straps, zips, buckles and material.) As you expand, you may start to import more goods and branch out to different suppliers; whatever your reasoning, we can help you with buyer’s consolidations.

LCL, FCL and Buyer’s Consolidations

A little confused about the relationship between LCL, FCL and buyer’s consolidations? Don’t be – we’ve got that covered.

A common misconception when talking about consolidations (especially if you’re crawling Google for answers) is that they’re LCL shipments. Allow us to clear this up for you.

A consolidation is a grouped shipment where there are different consignments, normally from multiple suppliers. LCL (less than container load) shipping is an example of consolidation as a group of consignments are shipped together for importers, none of whom can fill a container with their individual shipment making a FCL (full container load) shipment.

However, buyer’s consolidation is different. Buyer’s consolidation is when you create a consolidated shipment using only your own goods bought from multiple suppliers.

In regards to FCL – when using a buyer’s consolidation, sometimes your goods grouped together are enough to fill a container and you can ship via FCL.

The full list of our services:

  • Cargo pick-up from departure point in China or in Europe;
  • Sea freight/Air freight;
  • Cargo reception at Canadian ports, European ports, Russian ports and Ukrainiens ports;
  • Warehousing in China and in Europe;
  • Door-to-door delivery;
  • Consolidation of goods in China;
  • Consolidation of goods in Europe;
  • Checking the quantity and quality of the goods before shipping;
  • Sorting of cargoes;
  • Palletizing;
  • Packaging of the goods in accordance with different countries export conditions;
  • Customs declaration and clearance services in the departure point, during transit or at the place of destination;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Consignee service at the place of destination.