Basic Package

REHAU ECOSOL 60 is a three chamber profile system with 60 mm structural depth.

REHAU ECOSOL 60 is the best solution with the first priority on quality and economical efficiency. The system is perfect for balcony and interior doors. You can also use it for household buildings and WC facilities.

REHAU ECOSOL 60 is an excellent choice for balcony and loggia glazing. It is optimal for standard doors and windows, while a wide range of additional profiles allows to produce supersophisticated structures.

If you value reliability, quality and economic efficiency, give your preference to windows with REHAU ECOSOL 60 profile systems. Thanks to smooth surfaces and 15° elegant chamfers, these windows would complement any living accommodation. Two sealing circuits impede the air flow as well as outdoor dust and moisture, creating comfortable indoor climate.

REHAU ECOSOL 60 profile system is manufactured in a wide choice of colors.

REHAU ECOSOL 60 Advantages:

  • REHAU ECOSOL 60 is a good choice for balcony glazing and interior doors. This profile system is also appropriate for doors and windows in household buildings and WC facilities;
  • Reinforcement chamber breadth (35 mm) allows to produce big structures;
  • Two sealing circuits impede the air flow as well as outdoor dust and moisture;
  • High-quality HDF (High Definition Finishing) surface of the window requires no special care;
  • Canted elements of the window improve the water drain and facilitate maintenance.


Structural depth60 mm
Number of chambers3 chambers
Glass unit maximum breadthup to 32 mm
Thermal insulationR = 0.62 m2*C/W
Acoustic insulationup to Rw,P= 41 dB
Burglar-proof propertiesup to class WK-2 (A) (adapted ENV 1627)
Air permeabilityclass 4 according to the EN 12207
Water resistanceup to class 9A according to the EN 12208
Number of circuits2 ledge sealing circuits

German Hardware GU

We install premium hardware UNI-JET produced by a German manufacturer GU (Gretsch-Unitas).

Gretsch-Unitas Company has developed and manufactured high-quality hardware for more than 100 years. The company produced its first window hardware back in 1907!

Patented finishing Ferguard Silber improves hardware anticorrosion properties by 10 times compared to ordinary metals. GU hardware endures 500 hours in brine without signs of corrosion. It’s an impressive measure of quality! The average service life of hardware with Ferguard Silber finishing is 20 years.

All GU hardware is furnished with mushroom pins for easy and cost-effective burglary protection of your windows by installing burglar-proof strike plates.

Our managers will give you professional advice on different burglar-proof classes of windows and doors – from class WK 1 (A) to WK-3 (A) – and help you choose hardware and glass units in accordance with your demands.

We offer such popular GU hardware solutions as microventilation, microlift, hidden hardware, anti-Mowgli lock for children, ventilation catches and other options to make your use of KORSATM windows most comfortable.

Glass Units

Energy efficient KORSATM glass units for perfect quality and advanced technology.

KORSATM offers unique glass units with SWISSPACER warm plastic spacer frame and noble gas krypton for significantly improved energy efficiency. Widely used Climaguard Solar glass protects from sunlight-induced indoor temperature increase in summer and efficiently preserves indoor heat  in winter.

Most of our glass units are filled with noble gas argon for better energy efficiency at minimal cost. The minimum percentage of noble gases in our glass units is 90%. We provide a 10-year guarantee on their effect.

KORSATM glass units main advantages:

  • computer-aided production of glass units on Lisec (Austria) excellent equipment;
  • solid experience and perfect reputation – we strictly observe technology for glass units production;
  • our own production of glass units using high-quality two-component polysulfide and butyl for mechanical strength and air tightness of glass units during the whole guarantee period;
  • strict in-process monitoring over the glass units quality.


REHAU ECOSOL 60 is a classical three-chamber PVC profile produced by a German company REHAU. The basic advantage of structures with REHAU ECOSOL 60 is guaranteed quality at reasonable price.

REHAU ECOSOL 60 is widely used – in windows and doors, balcony units and balcony frames, interior partitions, interior gardens and terraces.

We would like to draw your attention to patented technology used by KORSATM in the production of big-sized shutters. All three-chamber profiles meet a significant restriction. Due to the small profile section, the safety margin of the shutter corners allows for a shutter (opening part) up to 2100 mm*700 mm and 50 kg. KORSATM designers developed a special technology to double these numbers. Shutters with REHAU ECOSOL 60 three-chamber profiles may be up to 2100 mm*1300 mm and 100 kg. As a result, REHAU ECOSOL 60 has a wider range of application. Now you can use twice as large shutters for big balcony frames, interior partitions and, especially, interior gardens and terraces for more light, air and comfort.

In more detail:

Energy efficiency. REHAU ECOSOL 60 thermal resistance is 0.62 m2*C/W. Structures with this profile are best used in balconies, loggias, partially heated or non-heated interior gardens and terraces, interior partitions in office buildings and shopping malls – in cases when REHAU ECOSOL 60 is not the only cladding structure between the street and the heated indoor area.

Acoustic insulation. 41 dB.  REHAU ECOSOL 60 efficiently reduces noise for your comfort and peace. It totally absorbs background noises. You can hear only the loudest sounds like thunder or alarm through the closed windows.

Protection from dust and moisture. REHAU ECOSOL 60 doors and windows have two closed sealing circuits: one on the shutter, the other on the profile frame. Windows are absolutely airtight when closed. High-quality rubber-based sealing is elastic in all temperatures. It’s heavy-duty, but easy to replace if damaged.

Structural strength.  REHAU ECOSOL 60 strength is appropriate for any complex structures while KORSATM patented “big shutter” technology allows to produce big opening elements (up to 2100 mm*1300 mm). There is a wide range of decoratively hidden reinforcement profiles and plates for interior partitions, interior gardens and terraces.

Safety. You can order KORSATM doors and windows with REHAU ECOSOL 60 profile furnished with burglary-proof hardware. For even more safety, choose glass units with Triplex glass or tempered glass.

Appearance. KORSATM high-tech production includes PVC profile lamination with imported high-quality films. They are resistant to fading and temperature drops. REHAU ECOSOL 60 profile with a wooden theme can be white or colored in the mass under lamination (for example, “golden oak” profiles have light-brown PVC color). You can choose either one-sided or two-sided lamination. All RAL colors, a few wooden themes, one- or two-sided application – there are plenty of choices!

Low cost. Excellent quality at reasonable price is one of REHAU ECOSOL 60 basic advantages. Doors and windows with these profiles have the best operational properties as metal-plastic structures and allow for considerable savings.


More benefits for you from KORSATM:

  • Free measurements. KORSATM take all measurements for free.
  • Free delivery. The company delivers products by special transportation at its own expense.
  • Qualified installation. Doors and windows, interior partitions, interior gardens and terraces with REHAU ECOSOL 60 profiles are complex constructions which require qualified installation. If you want to get an efficient and time-proof product – choose KORSATM
  • 10-year warranty. German profiles REHAU. German hardware GU, German and Austrian equipment, trained and experienced workers – all this to make you feel confident about the quality and reliability of KORSATM doors and windows.

Windows and doors with REHAU ECOSOL 60 is a perfect solution for those who value high quality at reasonable price.

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