Optimal Package

A five-chamber profile system REHAU EURO 70 is a modern window standard. This option includes all important properties in sufficient numbers.

Windows with REHAU EURO 70 provide dust and noise protection, have excellent acoustic insulation, energy efficiency, and elegant appearance. 70 mm installation depth and five chambers provide high thermal resistance.

REHAU EURO 70 is a versatile profile system. Its structure and energy efficient properties are appropriate for all kinds of metal-plastic structures.

REHAU EURO 70 Advantages:

  • Its thermal properties allow to reduce expenses on heating and conditioning;
  • Acoustic insulation (up to 43 dB) allows to enjoy silence even if there is a busy street behind the window;
  • Reinforcement chamber breadth (35 mm) allows to manufacture big structures;
  • Two sealing circuits impede the air flow as well as outdoor dust and moisture;
  • A wide range of additional profiles allows for a variety of designing solutions.




Structural depth 70 mm
Number of chambers 5 chambers
Glass unit maximum breadth up to 40 mm
Thermal insulation R = 0.77 m2*C/W
Acoustic insulation up to Rw,P= 43 dB
Burglar-proof properties up to class WK-2 (A) (adapted ENV 1627)
Air permeability class 4 according to the EN 12207
Water resistance up to class 9A according to the EN 12208
Sealing EPDM
Number of circuits 2 ledge sealing circuits

German Hardware GU

We install premium hardware UNI-JET produced by a German manufacturer GU (Gretsch-Unitas).

Gretsch-Unitas Company has developed and manufactured high-quality hardware for more than 100 years. The company produced its first window hardware back in 1907!

Patented finishing Ferguard Silber improves hardware anticorrosion properties by 10 times compared to ordinary metals. GU hardware endures 500 hours in brine without signs of corrosion. It’s an impressive measure of quality! The average service life of hardware with Ferguard Silber finishing is 20 years.

All GU hardware is furnished with mushroom pins for easy and cost-effective burglary protection of your windows by installing burglar-proof strike plates.

Our managers will give you professional advice on different burglar-proof classes of windows and doors – from class WK 1 (A) to WK-3 (A) – and help you choose hardware and glass units in accordance with your demands.

We offer such popular GU hardware solutions as microventilation, microlift, hidden hardware, anti-Mowgli lock for children, ventilation catches and other options to make your use of KORSATM windows most comfortable.



Glass Units


Energy efficient KORSATM glass units for perfect quality and advanced technology.

KORSATM offers unique glass units with SWISSPACER warm plastic spacer frame and noble gas krypton for significantly improved energy efficiency. Widely used Climaguard Solar glass protects from sunlight-induced indoor temperature increase in summer and efficiently preserves indoor heat  in winter.

Most of our glass units are filled with noble gas argon for better energy efficiency at minimal cost. The minimum percentage of noble gases in our glass units is 90%. We provide a 10-year guarantee on their effect.

KORSATM glass units main advantages:

  • computer-aided production of glass units on Lisec (Austria) excellent equipment;
  • solid experience and perfect reputation – we strictly observe technology for glass units production;
  • our own production of glass units using high-quality two-component polysulfide and butyl for mechanical strength and air tightness of glass units during the whole guarantee period;
  • strict in-process monitoring over the glass units quality.


REHAU EURO 70 is undoubtedly the “happy medium” in REHAU profile line.

It’s a five-chamber profile with 70 mm installation depth. With its straight and even lines, it creates a classical appearance. REHAU EURO 70 combines high energy efficiency, soundproofing properties, dust and noise protection and an elegant shape. This option includes all important properties in sufficient numbers.

REHAU EURO 70 is a versatile profile system. Its structure and energy efficient properties are appropriate for all kinds of metal-plastic structures.

Windows and doors, balconies and loggias, interior gardens and terraces, office partitions and facade glazing – this is the wide area of REHAU EURO 70 applications. The profile system is efficient in all of these cases.

KORSATM windows with REHAU EURO 70 in more detail:

Energy efficiency. Thanks to improved thermal insulation (0.77 m2*C/W), KORSATM windows with REHAU EURO 70 ensure heat preservation in winter and allow for a significant decrease in heating expenses. This thermal insulation exceeds the Ukranian standard of 0,75  m2*C/W.

The windows have this improved thermal insulation due to the five-chamber profile and energy-saving KORSATM glass units up to 40 mm thick. The noble gas filling and the energy-saving glass significantly increase the energy efficiency of the windows.

Acoustic insulation. The five-chamber profile and the two-chamber glass unit up to 40 mm thick provide good resistance to outdoor noises. The acoustic insulation of KORSATM windows with REHAU EURO 70 is 43 dB. It’s enough to absorb most of background street noises.

Resistance to dust and moisture. Two sealing contours with REHAU high-quality EPDM sealing provide full air tightness to windows with REHAU EURO 70. The sealing contours are closed so that dust and moisture can’t permeate through the closed window. The sealing is easy to replace if damaged.

Structural strength. Window reliability depends on various factors. Among the most important, there are strong corner welding and technologically fixed high-quality reinforcement. REHAU EURO 70 corner welds passed certification tests and showed double strength margin. The reinforcement in KORSATM windows with REHAU EURO 70 is 1.5 mm thick and is installed in the profile in strict adherence to the technical documentation.

You can check it yourself. When you receive your windows (before installation) check the outer edge of the frame – fixing elements should be placed within 60 cm from each other.

Safety. If you want to increase the room safety, KORSATM offer windows with REHAU EURO 70 furnished with burglar-proof hardware and shock resistant glass units. The default GU Uni-Jet hardware have mushroom pins and 50% of anti-burglary functions.

Additionally installed (for a reasonable price) GU burglar-proof striking plates make it impossible to open the window with a crowbar. The glass units can be furnished with Triplex glass or tempered glass. Such glass units are shock resistant and protect from burglary.

Appearance. KORSATM have their own lamination line, so you can order KORSATM windows with REHAU EURO 70 in any RAL color.

Colored wooden themes are popular. The lamination films are UV and weather resistant, so they will preserve their color during the whole service life of your windows.

Various structures. Traditional rectangular windows, arch windows, trapeziums, circles and even ellipses. KORSATM have their own patented technologies and manufacture structures of any form and complexity. We will produce any structure you can imagine!

 If you order REHAU EURO 70 windows from KORSATM, you will additionally get:


  • Free measurements. KORSATM take all measurements for free regardless of the structure complexity.
  • Free delivery. Your windows will be delivered to the installation site for free.
  • Qualified installation. If you want to get efficient and time-proof windows – choose KORSATM All the workers are certified and experienced.
  • 10-year warranty. German high-quality components and the high-tech production will ensure long-term service of your windows.

Do you need reliable high-quality windows? Then you should choose KORSATM windows with REHAU EURO 70.